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St. Vincent Ferrer School has an online parent directory.  You are able to access the SVF School Directory right from your smartphone, and it will always be updated with the latest information!


DirectorySpot makes keeping in touch with your school community easy.  With both an online version and apps for both iOS and Android devices, parents, teachers, and school staff can access the directory wherever they go.

Quickly find parent and teacher information, see class lists and review the school calendar.  The app is customized with our school logo and colors and it even provides a downloadable PDF for those who still want a printed version.


The application for the 21-22 school year - Coming Soon!

Please login and make your additions/changes when it opens.

App Information

The DirectorySpot mobile app is a true app (not a mobile website) that parents love because they can quickly click to get the information they need regardless of the speed of their internet connection.

  • Directory access requires an authorized user id and password, so our data is always secure.

  • The application will open soon! Please make your additions/changes when it opens.

    • New users will receive an email from DirectorySpot with instructions to download and login to the app.

    • Existing users just need to sign in to the app.  Familes can update their own data!  (Remember to update the office if you update your contact info!)

    • The data and users in the app can be updated anytime throughout the year, so you can always opt out or opt back in later. 

    • Click on either of the images above to download the application via the Apple or Google Play store.

Account Information

No more trying to manually keep everyone's contact information up to date.  When someone's contact information changes, update it the directory once and everyone's phone reflects the new information.

  • Please send $10 cash or check (payable to St. Vincent Ferrer) to the school office in an envelope marked directory with your family name to have a one-year subscription.

  • The app uses iPhone and Android technology; so you can call, text, or email other parents or teachers with one click, right from the app.  Mass emails and text features are disabled. 

  • Family preferences for inclusion in the directory have already been included included in the app.

  • Click here for directions to setup/access your information

Business Advertisement

Do you want to promote your business by becoming an SVF DirectorySpot Sponsor?

  • Your company logo will be displayed in the DirectorySpot App which provides users direct access to your website.

  • Click here for sponsorship details.

  • If you have any questions regarding sponsorship please contact Lisa Gonsalves and Judy Bolton.

Computer Information

You can also access your information by logging into the website on your computer, laptop, and tablet.

  • Login in online here

  • Print a PDF of the directory from your computer!


Still have questions?

Reach out to our program coordinator,

Lisa Gonsalves


Need help?

Learn more on how to retrieve an existing account.