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SVF ApprovedGymWear & Spirit Wear


SVF Approved Gym and Spirit Wear!


Attention all SVF Parents and Students!


It’s that time again… Back to School!!!

Please see the link below to the online web store where you can purchase APPROVED GYM WEAR & SPIRIT WEAR!

Check out the new items and gym/spirit wear pricing!

A new store is now open!

See the link below to order by Friday, 3/10/23 by 5:00 pm.




Approved Gym Wear
Friarwear logo.PNG
  • Beginning this school year 22-23 only approved gym wear will be in use for gym days.

  • All Gym Wear must have the SVF logo and the only colors allowed are black, grey or white.

  • See Principle Aspell's email from 8/8/22 for more information.

Approved Gym Wear/Spirit Wear Order
Pick-up Information
Friarwear logo.PNG
  • A new store is open!

  • Click here to place your order.

  • Orders are due by Friday, 3/10/23 at 5:00 pm

  • Orders will be distributed the week of TBD.

Spirit Wear Days-last Friday of each month
Friarwear logo.PNG
  • Other Friar wear, SVF race shirts, SVF only sports team shirts, or SVF shirts of different colors may be worn on Spirit Days. The purpose of these day sis to celebrate and promote SVF. Throughout the year, the school administration will look for opportunities for students to have non-uniform days and sports team shirts for other schools or teams would be acceptable on those days.

  • See Principle Aspell's email from 8/8/22 for more information.


Still have questions? 

Reach out to our program coordinators, Patty Doe and Alma Stanley.

Friar Family School Association, email


View school uniform dress code here


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