Virtus Training


Thank you for giving of your time and talent as a St. Vincent Ferrer School volunteer. 


To volunteer as a room parent, coach, school events, etc., we require all volunteers to complete the Virtus training and background check.  Also you must submit a CANTS form annually  to the school office to continue volunteering for events each school year.following steps as mandated by the Archdiocese.

This process helps church organizations manage risk and improve service to their communities through education, training, and best practices. 

Virtues Coursework

All volunteers must participate in a Virtus class.  You may register at Virtus Online.  Available classes and locations will be listed on the site. 


  • Upon completion of the class, you will receive a certificate.  Please bring the certificate to the school office so a copy can be placed in your file.

Background Check

You can complete a background check online at


Please complete a CANTS form annually; submit the form to the school office.  The school will mail the form to the Department of Children and Family Services and place a copy in your file. 


You can download the form below:


CANTS Form (English)

CANTS Form (Spanish)

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Form: Please complete a Code of Conduct Form and submit it to the school office for your file. 


You can download the form below:


Code of Conduct (English)

Code of Conduct (Spanish)

Code of Conduct (Polish)